Themes Sub-Themes
Theme 1
Prominent and emerging biotic and abiotic stresses under changing climate
  1. Advances in meteorological research and forewarning models
  2. Changing stress scenario and future projections
  3. Biosecurity and transboundary threats
  4. Weed Threats for Crops
Theme 2
Recent approaches in climate resilient agriculture and environment sustainability
  1. Novel approaches in stress diagnostic and evaluation methodologies
  2. Assessment of chemicals pollutants
  3. Use of artificial intelligence for sustainable climate solution and data integration
  4. Climate resilient strategies for sustainability
Theme 3
Recent trends in abiotic stress management strategies
  1. Physiological, genetic and molecular strategies
  2. Basic and applied research for climate resilience and abiotic stress
  3. management
  4. Novel methodologies for abiotic stress mitigation
Theme 4
Recent trends in biotic stress management strategie
  1. Physiological, genetic and molecular strategies
  2. Basic and applied research under climate change situations
  3. One Health under climate change scenario
  4. Novel methodologies for biotic stress mitigation
Theme 5
Novel approaches to understand and mitigate combined effects of abiotic and biotic stresses
  1. Causes, consequences and mechanisms to study combined interactions
  2. Model crop systems: genetics, physiological and molecular basis
  3. Utilizing PGR and novel genes discovery for stress tolerance
Theme 6
Capacity building and policy issues in stress management
  1. Changing pesticides and bio pesticides scenario and pest risk analysis (PRA)
  2. Application of ICT and digital platforms for stress management
  3. Regulatory mechanisms (and gaps) related to biotic stress management and current debatable issues